Replace Dataloads with a Click.

Add a fully-related dataset to any Salesforce sandbox to save time and improve quality.

Push thousands of records into your sandbox in minutes.

Don’t show developers, testers, and users this:
No Data
Show them this:
Lots of Data

Automate your sandbox data setup.

Our transfer algorithm

Selecting data to migrate

We’re all about moving relational data.  To start, you can specify “seed” records  that you want to transfer. There are four ways to specify the “seed” records to move for a given object:

  1. All records
  2. Specific Ids
  3. SOQL Query
  4. Let us choose

You can also Get Related Data which means we transfer every single record associated to the “seed” records, including parents and children, all the way up and down the data hierarchy.

Data Insertion

We temporarily disable automation that can block records, including Triggers, Workflows, and Validation Rules. Then, we optimize the sequence of record insertion and use the Bulk API, so transfers are fast, reliable, and reportable.

Amplify your salesforce development dollars and make governance easier.

Secure and Easy

Smart Sandbox uses OAuth2.0 with your existing Salesforce Credentials, so there’s nothing to install and your information is safe.

Faster Development

Accelerate projects by starting with quality test data.

Fewer Bugs

Keep bugs out of production by testing against realistic data.

Happier Users

Improve feedback and training by immersing users in data they recognize.