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October 11, 2016

Disabling NPSP Triggers

Although Smart Sandbox automatically disables triggers during a transfer, it is not possible to do this for triggers in a Managed Package.  Fortunately, the kind folks at Salesforce Foundation included ways to “override” the NPSP triggers before running your data transfer. See below for instructions on how to disable triggers in your version of the Starter Pack.

Non-Profit Starter Pack Version 3
  1. Create a custom object tab by clicking Setup > Create > Tabs > Custom Object Tabs > New
  2. Select the “Trigger Handler” object, assign a style, and click Next.
  3. Add to Profiles. We suggest only making the tab visible to the System Administrator:
  4. Navigate to your new Tab and create a list view with the following fields:
    • Trigger Handler Name
    • Active
  5. Select All items in the List and uncheck “Active” on all records.
  6. Run the data transfer and then repeat step 5 to re-active all records.

Tip: Create this tab in production so you don’t have to repeat it in future sandboxes.

Non-Profit Starter Pack Version 2 and Earlier
  1. Locate Custom Settings by going to Setup > Custom settings
  2. Click “Manage” on Contacts and Orgs Settings and set the following conditions:
    • Roll Up Opps in Triggers → False
    • DISABLE_HouseholdAfter_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_HouseholdBefore_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_Household_Opportunity_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_Households_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_OpportunityRollup_trigger → True
  3. Click “Manage” on Household Settings and set the following conditions:
    • Disable Account Model Trigger → True
    • Enable Opportunity Contact Role Trigger → False
    • DISABLE_IndividualAccounts_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_OpportunityAccount_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_OpportunityContactRoles_trigger → True
    • DISABLE_OpportunityPayments_trigger → True
  4. Run the transfer and then repeat steps 2 and 3 to revert to the original state.
April 19, 2016

Creating your first data transfer

Welcome!  If you’re new to Smart Sandbox, you’re in the right place.  Getting started is super easy and takes about 5 minutes.  This article will show you a great way to try out the tool with a simple Account Job Rule, where you transfer one Account record plus it’s related data.


  1. Log into www.SmartSandbox.com with a Production Username
  2. Add a Target Sandbox (we recommend Dev or Dev Pro, but Partial and Full work too)
  3. Click “Add Job Rules”
  4. Add an Account Job Rule with 1 Specific ID + Related Data


6. That’s it!  Run the job and enjoy testing with a real, fully relational Account in your Sandboxes.


Have questions? Drop us a line at support@smartsandbox.com.