April 19, 2016

Creating your first data transfer

Welcome!  If you’re new to Smart Sandbox, you’re in the right place.  Getting started is super easy and takes about 5 minutes.  This article will show you a great way to try out the tool with a simple Account Job Rule, where you transfer one Account record plus it’s related data.


  1. Log into www.SmartSandbox.com with a Production Username
  2. Add a Target Sandbox (we recommend Dev or Dev Pro, but Partial and Full work too)
  3. Click “Add Job Rules”
  4. Add an Account Job Rule with 1 Specific ID + Related Data


6. That’s it!  Run the job and enjoy testing with a real, fully relational Account in your Sandboxes.


Have questions? Drop us a line at support@smartsandbox.com.


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